The Light Knight Rises starring @IamKrisLondon and co-starring @ZackTTGamer


I wasn’t going to post this for 3 reasons:

  1. Nobody Cares
  2. Most niggas don’t like reading. Especially from a “random
  3. Nobody Cares

Either way, if you drink Alize I don’t want you reading this anyways. You got liquid struggle flowing through your body, you heathen.

Yo, shit has gotten very authentic out here in these analog flicking, button mashing streets. So, let me try to lighten the mood & let y’all see things through my nobody cares binoculars…

Lately, if you gaze into the gloomy clouds passing in the dark Twitch skies, you might notice something. Three big letters glowing in all caps in the Twitch atmosphere.



Y’all know him as Kristopher London or LSKakarot but for now I’ll call him The Caramel Caped Crusader aka Beigeman aka Light Skin Knight (LSK). I gotta salute homie for taking the time outta his day that he could be using to finger bang an Instagram model to fight the 2K crimes being committed in this Gotham gaming city, b.

Y’all know the drill. Let’s peep the numbers.

  • 99K+ Twitch followers
  • 122K+ Twitter followers
  • Over 1 Mil + YouTube subscribers combined  on both channels

ITS LEEEEEETTTTTT!!!!!! …now let’s move along…

At first glance I thought this was the type of light skin nigga to skip around a park & catch fireflies in a jar. You’d think he finds wounded butterflies & fixes their wings so they can fly again. It looks like he owns a calendar with kittens on it.




This nigga is a slick mack. A cut throat menace. 6’10” Savage. His archetype is Giraffe. The savageness is in the danger zone. Code red. Hurricane Katrina, Category 5 savagery, b. He has Trey SongzI Invented Sex” lyrics flowing thru his veins.  He can probably cross his arms & wink at your girl & her panties will magically slide off & gracefully float through the air into his basketball palming hands. He’ll use your baby mama for a prop in a local dunk contest.

Rare photo of Beigeman in his Beigesuit live on Twitch

Son, I’ma keep it simple. What I gathered from his YouTube (which is fire by the way) is that he just gets money, gets pussy, plays video games, and consumes even MORE pussy. In that exact order. Then the process repeats itself everyday.

What. A. Time. To. Be. Kristopher. London.

Here is a photo of Beigeman inside of the Beigecave deep below his LSK manor located in California. He’s plotting on two female heroes to help him fight 2K crimes and possibly have a threesome with.

Now Kristopher London Wayne is not fucking these dime pieces, stacking bread, and bringing justice to the gaming community all by himself. There’s another person from the LSKakarot enterprises standing on the forefront with him…

The Lucius Fox of the LSK Enterprises


Zack The Traveling Gamer aka the nigga who looks like Timbaland from his left side


and Mark Jackson from his right side


Don’t let the classy gentleman look, librarian glasses or his GameStop customer service voice fool you, b. He’s a wildcard gamer. One moment he’ll be as relaxed as Katt Williams hair then 15 secs later you’ll think he’s gonna pull a gun out live on cam . This man’s streams are not only entertaining but he possesses the rare ability to raise his vocals to intense Cash Nasty decibel levels. My alarm clock went off when this nigga raged. The spooky paranormal activity setting makes the shit even more suspenseful. Do yourself a favor & catch one of his showings.

Zach the engineer of the LSK empire marinating his limbs in bubbles like Tony Montana


Dog…Despite everything I just said, in my Nobody Cares opinion… these niggas are dope streamers. Point. Blank. Period. It’s about time an elite gamer like LSK uses their platform to take a stand against Ronnie “David Blaine face” 2K & his staff of swagless niggas. Hopefully the better business bureau(BBB) can bring these lil games that company is playing on homie to a screeching halt.

Alright, well I’m outta here…if you made if this far down my post then @ me on Twitter & I’ll add your auntie on my “buy her a new wig” Xmas list…


Pric……Ahhhhhh Nobody Car…HOLD UP B

One last thing, the LSK empire has been racking up so many W’s but somebody gotta take this L. Zack Lucius Fox this is on you fam, because it’s on your channel. My skin crawled when I seen this wax figure, b. You let this uncooked chicken thigh smile at us YouTube viewers. Kroger Brand Jennifer Lawrence. You have a sub button & live in a luxurious 4600 sq foot mansion. Creatures like this shouldn’t even be allowed within 20 feet of your camera lenses, my nigga. Peace & Love.



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